Hi! My name is Haoran Zhang (in Chinese: 張浩然). I am a passionate teacher and educational researcher in higher education in Hong Kong, China. I have a Doctor of Education degree from University of Bristol (UK) specializing in flipped classroom research. Prior to pursuing my doctoral study, I had earned my M.Phil. and B.Sc. degrees from HKUST (Hong Kong, China), specializing in theoretical and computational physics.

Dr. Haoran Zhang
Ed.D.(Bristol), M.Phil., B.Sc.(HKUST)

I have been teaching a variety of STEM subjects at university level since 2004. I also conduct educational research in areas of flipped classroom, coding education, and educational technologies.

Teaching is a challenging task. There is no doubt about that. But through my years of teaching and educational research, I have developed the knowledge and skills to leverage modern pedagogy and technology to enhance students’ learning experience and outcomes. Euphoria Education is my attempt to apply my teaching methodology to a wider range of subjects and audience in a hope to benefit and inspire more people.

My vision for Euphoria Education is to reinvent education with pedagogy, technology, and passion.

Euphoria Education is still very much in its infancy. I am currently engaged in various projects with local universities as well as producing podcasts and video courses in topics of science and data analysis. You can read about these projects and products in this website. I also tweet regularly about teaching, research and STEM. You are welcome to follow my Twitter (@phgod).

More about my Teaching

Just in case someone may be curious: The subjects I have taught include general science, physics, algebra, calculus, statistics, data analysis, research methods, SPSS, Microsoft Office, information literacy, study methods, and Java programming. A full list is given below:


Mathematics and Statistics



More about my Research

Finally, here is a list of my publications in education and research:

If you would like to chat with me about teaching and research, or if you are looking for collaboration opportunities, just contact me here:

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