May the Science be with You (科學在身邊) is a series of science podcasts delivered in Cantonese. I started this project out of personal interest in early 2018 to share interesting and easy-to-understand scientific knowledge to the general public.

Updated weekly, the podcasts cover a wide range of topics including global warming, nuclear reactions, Earth, solar system, galaxies, universe, black hole, time travel, exoplanets, evolution, extra-terrestrial life, terraforming, and quantum mechanics. Through the podcasts, I also attempt to convey the ideas of scientific method and scientific thinking.

The podcasts are available free-of-charge on XimalayaFM (喜馬拉雅), the largest podcast platform in Mainland China. There are also mirror copies in Apple Podcast as well as LetsLearn, a small website that I created.

I also maintain a small Facebook Page to share science news with my friends. Follow the page if you are interested.

My other podcasts: