Flipped classroom was the topic of my doctoral research. While working on my own dissertation back in 2015, I teamed up with an educational researcher at the Education University of Hong Kong to deliver the Flipped Learning Initiative Programme for Primary Education (FLIPPEd, 翻轉教室小學先導計劃) to local primary schools.

The concept of flipped classroom as compared to traditional classroom (CC-BY-SA-2.0 (AJC1/Flickr))

The project aimed to promote flipped classroom to local primary school teachers and help them apply the pedagogy in their own schools. We delivered professional training sessions to the teachers, supplemented by class observation and consultation sessions. The training sessions themselves were flipped, with video lectures uploaded online followed by face-to-face activities sessions.

For those who can read Chinese, all the project deliverables can be downloaded from the project website:

The project was funded by the Quality Education Fund (QEF), Hong Kong SAR (Project ID: 2013/0944).