What is learning design?

A key purpose of education is to help learners learn, but not all teaching and learning activities are equally effective.

This is why we need learning design.

Learning design aims to optimize teaching and learning by carefully designing the educational process, including:

  • setting the intended learning outcomes
  • deciding the appropriate pedagogy
  • planning the teaching and learning activities,
  • formulating the assessment strategies,
  • and more.

Learning design should be:

  • framed by a pedagogy based on both theory and practice
  • supported by modern technology, and
  • fueled by passion

Learning design is both science and art.

How is a learning designer different from a teacher?

Good learning designers are usually good teachers and vice versa, but these are two different roles in education and have different focuses.

A learning designer is analogous to an architect, who is responsible for the overall design and planning of the educational process. In contrast, a teacher is analogous to a builder, who implements the learning design through teaching.

We need both good learning designers and good teachers to deliver quality education.

What are the benefits of good learning design?

Good learning design motivates both teachers and learners.

  • Learners will find their learning more effective and engaging. They will re-discover the joy of learning and develop an intrinsic motivation to learn. This in turn leads to better learning outcomes, and (more importantly) a quest for continuous self-improvement, which is crucial for life-time success.
  • Teachers will feel more competent and satisfied in their teaching because a more effective approach is used. As the learners are better engaged, it will also reduce teacher frustration and burnout.

How we may help?

Led by Dr. Cheung, Ho-yin (Ed.D), Euphoria Education’s mission is to deliver learning design solutions to schools and organizations to set up or enhance their education programs or curricula. We also provide professional development programs on learning design for in-service teachers.

Our target customers include:

  • Schools intending to further develop their teachers’ knowledge and skills in learning design, or to improve their students’ learning experience through innovative pedagogies
  • Museums, zoos, aquariums, parks and other organizations looking to set up or enrich their educational program for their visitors
  • Government departments, organizations and business corporations seeking to build a more effective staff development program

Contact us to discuss how we can help in your particular context.